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We know how to take a mile-long walk. We simply walk to our mailbox. It is a mile from our front gate and mostly uphill. This is interesting to explain to any company that wants us to sign for a package.

Our closest neighbors are the armadillos that forage around the perimeter of the MICH (Modern Industrial Custom Home). It’s called the MICH because some of us prefer that name over barndominium. Needless to say, it’s living quarters with a shop attached.

Others that live on Terra Hill Farm

In addition to armadillos, we share our farm with deer, rabbits, coyotes, squirrels, bobcats, feral hogs, snakes, and many different kinds of birds.

You may not believe a few of those live on a farm in central Texas, so you’ll just have to keep up with our video blog to see the bobcat that crossed under the feeder fifty feet from the MICH.

Or, maybe you’d like to know about the sounders of feral hogs that congregate in muddy areas. This year we regularly see, usually with game cameras, at least three sounders of hogs. Each sounder, or group, of hogs has at least one boar, two sows, and over 20 piglets. YEP! That’s a lot of walking bacon!

Our Passions

One of the reasons why we built a shop attached to our living area is so we could walk from the kitchen into our hydroponic garden. We have been growing food hydroponically for several years and have had great success! Glenna believes in the process so much that it has its own website, Hydro4Food.

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